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Monday, January 7, 2013

Burning a Hole in My Pocket

So with the holidays behind us I ended up with some spare money in the "little man" fund. I was running through ways to spend it when last week I finally caved in and placed an order with You may be asking yourself why there I thought you were a guy? Well that is true but the two main items I wanted to buy discountgames didn't have in stock or didn't carry at all. I also looked at but they too were stocked out of the PP item I was looking for.

OK enough words lets see what I picked up:

Here is the main driving force behind my purchase. This here is unit number four of runeshapers to complete my T4 pDoomie theme force. As I said I went online and checked my favorite online retailer but out of stock, I looked at MM and they too were out of stock, I went to one of my FLGS and their distributor was stocked out and couldn't special order......alas TWS has some in stock. I really want to try and save as much on these guys as possible seeing as they are not the cheapest unit and I will rarely use them outside the theme. I am hoping to have them assembled for Templecon.

Here is the next purchase which pushed me to placing my order. I have been watching a fair share of online painting videos lately and I have seen the liquid gold line popping up more and more. All the accounts I am reading say they are amazing so I had to try them. I picked up red gold, old gold, and white gold.

These were kind of a throw in purchase none of my FLGS carry VGC paint anymore so I just threw a few in the cart I may use in an up coming army.

That brings us to our last purchase. Wait? What? Sea dogs? Yup Sea dogs. I have been fighting the urge to do a Shae theme force for over a year now. Painting Grogspar for Mr Bell has not been helping that urge and when I saw this bad boy in the discount pile....well ballgame. I think this will be a slow long grind but the end result will be a Shae theme force. The other upside is I can play that pDenny list with the pirate load out I have hear plenty about online. I think the idea behind my pirate force will be only pick up the next item after the previous one has been painted. I know I have said that in the past but this time I think it should be much easier to pull off.

So there you have it my next purchases. My week off started this am and while I am tired as all hell I hope to get a little painting done tonight before I go to bed for good. This week's goal finish Grogspar/mountain king and get back to work on my long rides/Horthol, and war wagon.

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