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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Blood, Sweat, and Tiers Test Game

I headed out to the FLGS yesterday to try and get a few test games in with my pDoomshaper T4 Runes of War theme force. I have never played the list yet but I have been looking to play it for over two years and have been playing with lists over that time. I really feel the list is optimal at 50pt as you can get all the desired pieces without mush struggle. I have been having a little bit of a hard time at 35pts as I have to drop something I want. The variation comes when filling the last 6pts of minis. The dilemma for me is an axer for rush (Mulg delivery system) or two more units of runeshapers. Yesterday I took option one and the list looked like this:

Hoarluk Doomshaper (*7pts)
* Troll Axer (6pts)
* Earthborn Dire Troll (10pts)
* Mulg the Ancient (12pts)
Krielstone Bearer and 5 Stone Scribes (4pts)
* Krielstone Stone Scribe Elder (1pts)
Trollkin Runeshapers (Leader and 2 Crew) (3pts)
Trollkin Runeshapers (Leader and 2 Crew) (3pts)
Janissa Stonetide (3pts)
With this my deployment is 2" extended, I start with one wall in play and the KSB start with 3 fury.

I was only able to get one game in as people filed in a little later than normal. I ended up playing Scudo and low and behold he too was playing a theme force. He has been playing a lot a minions lately and brought an Arkadius force:

Dr. Arkadius (*6pts)
* Gun Boar (5pts)
* Gun Boar (5pts)
* War Hog (7pts)
* War Hog (7pts)
* War Hog (7pts)
Farrow Bone Grinders (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts)
Farrow Brigands (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)

Scudo was having some back issues so the game took a little longer than usual but it was a fun game. Looking at the models one may feel I was a little behind the ball seeing as he was running three heavies to my two but really this was a pretty good match up for eDoomie across the board. I was able to purify his debuffs, have a partial counter to his feat via the scroll picking a frenzy target, and my feat has some serious damage potential if he goes for a big output turn. He tried to take out my heavies on his feat turn but I was able to get one of the war hogs out of the way using the scroll and he could only get one hog onto my EBDT sitting at arm 22 so he lived through it and from there on out he was a sitting duck really. Next turn I destroyed two hogs and a gun boar and just had to whittle away at him there after. Arkadius wants to be good but isn't there yet. Once he gets his node may be a different story (if he gets his node).

I was pretty happy with the list but I am playing with options. I am leaning towards dropping the axer and adding the two units of runeshapers. The runeshapers at 3pts are really a pretty amazing unit. I really have a hard time getting rid of rush however. My other thought (probably a bad one) is to drop Mulg (say it ain't so) for a mauler and one unit of 'shapers. I don't know what way to go. I will be playing some version of this in BS&T if I can get in but need to work on list two. I am thinking either Borka family reunion in some incantation or eMaddy at the T1 level. Time is ticking need to make some choices and get painting.

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