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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In the Hall of the Mountain King Part 5

Here we are again back to work on the mountain king. Still doing all those detail section which are soooooo time consuming.

After painting up the teeth and nails I was able to glue the head and loincloth sections onto the big guy. He is start too look whole at this point.

Next up.......WHELPS! I then proceeded to highlight the whelps that are on the kings body or need to be attached. This process followed my normal troll progression. I then hit up all the crests and chin/arm nubs with old school GW warlock purple. I need to do their teeth/nails and eyes and they will be done.

As you can see from the time stamp I started this post a few weeks back. Well here he stands currently as I haven't touched him since. Next post will be the finished mountain king. I hope to get back to him before Templecon but as you can see from the previous post I have a bunch on my plate right now. I have gotten some work done on the other minis in my painting log so hope to have some photos on those later in the week. Time for a nap.


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    1. Thanks for checking in and the positive comment. I am happy with how the big guy turned out. I am leaving off some of the chains I think but should have final shots on the blog in the near future.