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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

16 Days and a Ton to Do!

If I counted my days right we hit the road of Templecon 2013 in 16 days. Looks like our car will be transporting 5 people this year but I won't be driving which is nice. I have been going back and forth on weather or not I am going to go all in tourneys or just hit up a couple and play games with out of town friends and pick up games in the Iron Arena. I also want to get a demo game of SDE in at some point.

I am preparing as if I am playing in Hardcore and Blood, Sweat, and Tiers so I have to paint accordingly. Here is a list of the minis I want to have painted and their current status:

-Full Fennblades: In the last 2 days I have painted the blue skin and gold metal sections. I need to clean up some of the white metal sections and they are ready for a wash. These guys are slatted for BS&T if at all. Once they are washed they nearly meet basic requirements.

-Full Long Riders: I started these fellows sometime ago and they have sat on my shelf in this state for a while. I need to really get cracking on these guys.

-Horthol: Similar to the long riders

-eMadrak: I started this guys a loooong time ago. He has been in this nearly done state for well over a year. I need to finish up his skin, clean up the tartan (tried to paint the pattern on him) and finish his base then he will be hardcore ready (maybe). I don't have a photo on file and he his packed away so you will have to trust me.

-War Wagon: I did get a pretty good start on this bad boy before he got shelved. I took a second before heading to work last night to paint the wood flooring. After a was on the wood and a few sections of metal the main wagon section will be done.

-Grogspar: still need to put the finishing touches on Bell's Grogspar. Photos after Templecon's completion.

I have a few others things I want to try and get done as well such as paint pDoomshaper and assemble and paint (to basic requirements) a 3rd and maybe 4th unit of runeshapers......

Like I said a TON to do. Luckily I have the two weeks leading up to Templecon off from work. Hopefully some updates coming fast and furious over the next 16 days. See y'all at Templecon....

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