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Monday, December 31, 2012

Boson or Bosun....I don't know

Well in my last post I started working on Grogspar for my my annual Templecon mini. I wrote his name as Boson Grogspar since that is how it is written on PP's webpage but when I was looking at my merc book it is written as Bosun so I have no idea which is correct. One way of the other I got some more work done on Mr Grogspar today and figured I do one last post before the end of the year.

The first thing I did was wash the pants with GW sepia wash. I didn't take a picture of this step as it was done quickly while I was moving clothes to the dryer. I then laid down the basecoat of bootstrap leather on the quiver on his back and strap on the harpoon gun. The next step is where I headed out into uncharted water for me......

Here you can see Grogspar with stripes added to his shirt. I decided to jump right in and see if we could pull this off. The first thing I did was highlighted most of the shirt with P3 Trollblood highlight. I then took some VMA black and roughed in the black stripes. I think they came out pretty well and am pleased with the shirt at this time. I normally wouldn't do detail work such as this early on in painting a mini but figured I needed to try it now so if I had to redo it I wasn't messing up a nearly completed mini. As you can see here his skin is still slick from the gloss varnish as it has not received it's shading wash yet.

The last thing I did was start to put down some of the metal base color. I got interrupted so I didn't get to the metal sticking out of the bag on his back.

I am pleased with Grogspar's progression up to this point. I need to highlight the white on the shirt and was the metals and skins. After that it will be highlighting and detail work. OK that is all for now. Have a safe new year's eve all and see you in 2013.


  1. Vertical Stripes would have made himm look thinner!!LOL. Looks freaking Great!

    1. HA! I guess you are right about the vertical strips but Grogspar don't care he knows he is sexy.

  2. Stripes look awesome. Nice freehand work on that.

    1. Thanks brotha. I am happy with the stripes so far and interested to see who they look once I get some highlights on them. I have been wanting to try more freehand but I always get worried I am going to "mess" up the mini and skip it. At some point I would like to go back and add lines to all the tartans on my trolls.