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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In the Hall of the Mountain King Part 1

So the other project I spoke of in my What's in the Box (part?) post was a mountain king. I tried to get one of these guys from Lock n Load when DieselDM got me the Sons of Bragg but was unsuccessful. I lost interest in the mountain king once his stats were made public on various forums so I didn't ask any of the guys to ninja one at Gencon. I have been increasingly interested in the big guy over the past few months and finally pulled the trigger about a month ago ordering one from One of the final pushes that got me pick up the mountain king was a painting youtube video by Schnauzerface. You can find his youtube channel at

Here is a picture of the big guy right out of the box from Rob. As you can see a majority of the chains and whelps have been left off. I asked him to do this to make it easier for me to paint (at least I think it will be easier this way). I also had him leave the the loincloth sections off. Even though the head is attached he it is not glued on and can be removed whenever I need.

The big guy received his primer coat via the airbrush with Vallejo Surface Primer black. You can see the separate loincloth sections here being guarded by the IKRPG gunmage.

The next step was putting down a layer of blue on the skin sections. This is my trollblood blue skin mixture once again applied via the airbrush. Here you can see the detached head as mentioned above.

In this phase I started drybrushing the stones with my stone mixture (which isn't "mine" it from an article in NQ br Ron Kruzie). This process is P3 thronwood green, bastion grey, trollblood highlight, and then a very light drybrush with Menoth white highlight. I still needed to do the rocks on his back at this point but that will have to wait until the next post as this has gotten a little long.

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