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Friday, December 28, 2012

Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirates Life for Me!

Well any of you that have been on Pirates of the Caribbean should have that son stuck in your head now :) So the cave finally came back to life this am. I was in the basement doing some laundry getting ready to head to my folks and got a start on my annual Templecon mini. this year I am painting up Boson Grogspar for a buddy of mine.

I primed him with Vallejo Surface primer: grey primer via the airbrush

After giving the primer a few minutes to dry I thinned up some P3 rucksack tan and basecoated the paints via the airbrush. I then Primed the skin with my premixed trollblood skin tone. This was also applied via the airbrush as a low psi so I could avoid too much overspray onto the paints.

I then took out some black paint and a standard brush and blacked out the boots, belt, hat and all section I intend to paint metallic. I also painted the shirt P3 bastion grey. I am debating if I am going to leave the shirt as a grey color or if I am going to attempt to do a stripped shirt in either black/white or black/grey.

It is not pictured but I then slapped a layer of gloss varnish on the currently painted sections to protect them and to provide a slick surface of my washes which will (most likely) be the next steps. All in all pretty good start for ~45-60min total work.

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