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Friday, December 14, 2012

In the Hall of the Mountain King Part 2

The previous wip post was getting kind of long so I decided to break up the wip photos. When I last posted the mountain king had his blue basecoat and the stones on his arms/hands/chin finished. Lets get back to the action shall we.

The next thing I did chronologically was basecoat the loincloth sections with P3 bootstrap leather via the airbrush. This was really fast and put down a really nice and smooth layer of brown to work off of. My initial plan was to do some different colors on the different section but in the interest of time I think I am going to leave it all one I like the leather sections this color.

The next step was to do my four stage drybrush on the remaining rock sections (back and shins). After this was done I put a layer of gloss varnish on the loincloth and rock sections. I glossed the loincloth in preparation for an oil wash and the rock sections for protection prior to being masked off so I could do more airbrush work on the skin.

Here is the big guy all masked up and ready to receive some more airbrush love.

I did a few highlights with the airbrush using my premixed trollblood skintone and slowly adding in P3 troolblood highlight to the mixture. Final highlights were done using straight P3 trollblood highlight sparingly. Here he is after the airbrush work.

OK this is a good spot to stop. The next post will bring me into uncharted territory and attempting new techniques on a very pricey model....We will see how it goes.

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