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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In the Hall of the Mountain King Part 4

At this point the king has had the bulk of his painting done and it is down to the nitty gritty work of details. While detail work can be tedious and frustrating it is really what bring the final mini to life making it a necessary evil.

The first sections to receive detail work would be the metal sections and his loincloths. Once these sections are completed I can proceed to final assembly. I started to paint the seams on the loincloth. These were picked out with P3 rucksack tan.

I really liked how smoothly the airbrush put down the basecoat of bootstrap leather on the loincloth sections so I masked off the skin with some painters tape and blutac and base coated the belt the same way. I was able to avoid any overspray issues.

I know some people paint their metallic right over the base color but I have always found the results to look better when painted over black. This often require and extra step for me as I have to back over all of the metal section black prior to hitting them with their metallic base color.

I mentioned in the previous post I wasn't 100% happy with my first attempt at the oil wash technique. I decided to try it again but with a little bit more concentrated wash. I did this on the loincloth and belt section with van dyke brown and the skin with a mix of cobalt blue hue, van dyke brown, and ivory black. I was happier this go around but still have room to improve this technique. As you can see here I also did the metal section using VMA steel on my white metals and VMC brass on yellow metals. The loops on the belt were picked out with P3 rucksack tan prior to being washed. I also took the time to paint the smaller rock outcropping which were too small to drybrush with the rest as it could have messed up the skin around them.

It was at this time I started toying with ideas for the mountain king's base. One of my initial concepts was to use a heavy Cygnar wreck marker with a whelps standing on top as a little jab to my Cygnar playing buddies (you know who you are) but didn't really love the idea. I was also having a hard time fining a great spot of it. This lead me my second idea and the one I went with. I took half of a krielstone and removed the hand sections. I then pinned a pyre whelps on top. This is going to go in the back left section of the base. I am also going add an EBDT whelp near the front of the base like he is running along next to the king. you can see the EBDT whelp on the cork. The other whelps pictured are the ones that need to go on the king himself.

OK this post is long enough. Next time more details and some assembly work.

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