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Friday, July 26, 2013

A Tale of Two Grissels

In one of my last posts I showed some WiPs of Grissel1 in her early stages. I haven't had much painting time lately as I picked up a bunch of hours at my other job last week to cover some holes (stinks working on weeks off but extra hobby money is nice). After starting Grissel1 I decided I should try and paint Grissel2 at the same time to keep them as uniform as possible. Once I made this decision Grissel2 went into the stripping solution (using Purple Power currently) and the wait began. I have to say this may have been the best strip job I have seen as nearly all the paint came off perfectly. After that she was primed via the air brush and base colors were painted both with the airbrush and with standard brush. Here is their current status:

The metal was airbrush on and was painted with VMA gun paint. The red were airbrushed with VMA mahogany (you can see the overspray on the metal). Skin was painted with my trollblood base color, tartan with Froundry drab, red was paiunted with VMC burnt cad red leaving some mahogany in the cracks.

I drybrushed the heads of Resounder with my typical trollkin stone set up: P3 thornwood green, P3 bastion grey, P3 trollblood highlight, P3 Menoth white highlight. I will need to paint in the metal sections still but they look ready to roll.

Here are the girls next to each other. Man does Grissel1 need a resculpt. I am toying with changing the skirt section on Grissel1 to red like on Grissel2 but I don't know. Thoughts?

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  1. Thanks for the formulas... helps guys like me . got my NQ yesterday....havnt read it yet. Id keep the skirts two different colors....thats just me...have a good work week!!