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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Broadside Bart WiPs

I mentioned the other day how scatterbrained I have been with my hobby time of late. One of the projects I have started is Broadside Bart. I idea of playing Bart/Galleon has been really intriguing to me of late and when I backed into a second place finish at the last tourney I used the winnings to pick up a Bart. I am still doubtful I will get a Galleon anytime in the near future but I was inspired to work on Bart.

This is Bart in his current partial painted state. I did the vast majority of the work on him in an afternoon when I was particularly inspired. The reds on the coat were painted via the airbrush and the rest was done by hand. I cut the treasure chest out from under his foot and will most likely do a cork rock bluff when he gets based. I am up in the air a little on the yellow tassels but we will see. What do y'all think?

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