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Friday, July 19, 2013

Color Me Disappointed

A few months back I (finally) subscribed to NQ via PP so I could get it mailed to the house and have it earlier than street release. Today when I woke up the wife informed me I had something in the mail and low and behold it was my first home delivered NQ. I knew, from the photo of the cover on PPs main page, that this issue was going to have a new trollbloods theme force....Yay. the first thing I did was flip to the theme force....OK Calandra cool and it was all down hill from there. I have to say meh I was not too excited (I kinda like the PoM one). If you haven't seen a copy of the new NQ the force looks like this:

Calandra theme force - Evolutionary Elementalism

Beasts: Mountain King, Storm/Slag/Pyre/Winter trolls
Units: KSB, Runeshapers, Warders
Solos: Runebearer, Runeshaper solos, Whelps

Tier 1 - Beasts are -1pt (OK always welcome)
Tier 2 - KSB starts with more Fury based on number of Runeshapers units/solos (Poor mans runes of war. Runeshapers are full cost and still FA:2)
Tier 3 - 3 different lights, lights get AD (So one storm, slag, and pyre I supose. AD beasts is goo but do they really want to be up in in?)
Tier 4 - Mountain King: choose a warbeast, all models get its animus first turn (limited utility IMO. If you had access to an axer I'd be far more excited cause rush one everything...nice. Immunity fire for all? Meh)

I may be missing something but it has aspects of runes or war but nowhere near as good. You have to take the mountain king if you want any real armor cracking. All in the all the list feels off to me. I have to say in the game of NQ theme forces Doug Seacat >> David "DC" Carl. Family Reunion >> Evolutionary Elementalism
Step up your game "DC" :)

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