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Monday, July 15, 2013

pGrissel WiPs

I got started working on most of the minis from the latest what's in the box series. I primed everything (except Borka) via the airbrush. Once the primer had time to cure a little I basecoated the blue skin on Grissel, the bomber, the scattergunners, and keg carrier with my standard troll blue via the airbrush. The storm troll got basecoated with my standard elemental troll skintone. I then roughly blocked in some of the leather sections via the airbrush on the minis. That was all done two days ago. This morning I did some extra work on the queen of jams pGrissel. This is Ms. Grissel in here current state:

After the skin and leather skirt were airbrushed I painted her scarf with VMC burnt cad red, the tartan with foundry drab, the boots with P3 battlefield brown, and blacked out the metals in preparation for metallic paints. There is obviously a lot to do still but she is coming together pretty nicely. I think I am going to try and add details to the tartan on her seeing as it is a large portion of this mini...we will see. My work week starts tonight and one of my regulars is off this week so could be a long one. Fingers crossed it will be ok and I will have some more photos for you. This latest barch of minis had me excited to paint so gotta ride that wave ;)

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