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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Holy Hell! What's Goin' On?

Well I look up and another month is gone and I have barely been on to write or update anything. I really don't have a ton to show as finished projects but I have been hitting the cave from time to time. I was pretty scatterbrained in the month of June and bounced back and forth between a few projects. Those of you that have follow along have know my propensity to wander and have my mind drift. Here is a run down on what I was up to in June and I hope to have some photos for y'all in the near future:

  • Played 6 games with eGrim at 50pts (need to get a bunch more)
  • Wrote an article on eGrim from my buddy Northblade's new blog
  • Picked up new resin bases and a scenery kit from to try out with my Blindwater force
  • Started working on a couple test bases
  • Picked up Rask and started painting him
  • "Borrowed" Les' Galleon after a quick game and started to lay down the base colors to help him "speed up" the painting
  • Played in a 35pt SR2013 tourney at a FLGS and despite being very rust backed into a 2nd place due to scenario points
  • Purchased Broadside Bart (with tourney credit) and started to paint him.
Well there you have it pretty much all my hobby related activities for the month. I hope to get Rask and Bart finished here soon for you and need to get back to working on my Hunters Grim. I really don't know where the time has been going this year as every time I look up another month is gone. I hope everyone if having a great start to their summers and hope to have some pretty photos soon.

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