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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Quick and Dirty Re-paint (Pistol Wraith)

I have been relatively inactive painting lately due to play more golf then painting. I did watch a tutorial online the other day that got me thinking about my incorporeal models and I decided to try it out on one of my pistol wraith for my Cephalyx/Cryx armies.

I just need to do the base and I'm ready to call him done. The mini is much closer to what I wanted then my previous green version and was way easier. I really wish I'd have figured this out prior to painting my risen because I'd much rather have them looking like this guy. After completing this mini I am part tempted to paint up an entire Cryx for using this style and make a full on ghost army.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Brainstorming Batman Crews (Batman)

I still have no real idea how to play BMG but that will never keep me from one of my favorite past times.....list building. All minis in the following lists will be minis I own in some state of assembly. I'm currently working on my Red Hood (Joker) crew so I figured I should start to plan some crews for them to fight against. I could surely have them fight against Bane or some other "bad guy" crew but where's the fun in that? Time to throw up the bat signal and bring in the "good guys"

The first batman crew with two models not pictured. Lets break it down:

  • James Gordon: 70 rep/$200
  • Batgirl: 59 rep
  • Alfred Pennyworth: 30 rep
  • Alpha: 38 rep/$500
  • Beta: 27 rep/$300
  • Delta: 33 rep/$300
  • Agent O'Connell: 29 rep
  • Gotham Policeman (tonfa): 14 rep

Total: 300 rep/$1300

Hey Nog I thought you said you were talking Batman crews.....where's Batman? I know but this list is built under the Batman heading to allow me access to Alfred (the limited edition for pre-ordering the regular rule book). Alfred is so important because he allows me an extra $300 in funding and thus allows me to take Gordon's entire swat team. I filled in the last points with additional members of the GCPD. I think I have a lot of my bases covered with this list but I could be wrong.....if you know the game better feel free to comment :) I find when I am building BMG list I like themes and this is the Gordons (Jim and Barbara) with the GCPD.

Since these are Batman lists I threw some of those together too.

Orgins Batman list

Arkham Batman list

I have some other versions of these lists using a special card I received from Knight Models when they sent me some missing parts but more on that another time. Lastly I will leave you with a WiP to show I'm have put down some paint since the orange on Blackgate inmates. 

Started painting up the shipping container. I'm pretty happy with this so far with very little work. I need to finish up the writing on both sides of the container and a few other details but that shouldn't take too much time just gotta sit down and do it. Time for bed see you soon....hopefully. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Gotham Scatter Terrain

Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th. After I decided I was jumping in on the Batman Miniatures Game (BMG) I spent a lot of time thinking about terrain. I have played with the idea of scratch building terrain and have looked at multiple vendors that sell laser cut MDF buildings. I even back a kickstarter to help make my Gotham a reality.

This is just one of the building I will be getting from the kickstarter but I will do an entirely separate post on those when they arrive in the not to distant future.....I hope. Ok well onto the main portion of this post scatter terrain. The majority of this terrain was purchased from a company in Australia I came across years ago and just happenend to remember when I needed. As you can see most of this terrain was picked up to compliment the warehouse I will be getting from that Impudent Mortal kickstarter.

Nothing says Gotham like water towers for rooftops. I probably should have picked up a second one.

What self respecting warehouse doesn't have forklifts and crates?

Pretty self explanatory ;)

Some random grates to spice up some buildings and security camera for the warehouse. 

Picked this up main for the stripper pole sign.....Gotham needs a strip club for Maroni's crew and the GCPD boys to hang out!

Mostly assembled water tower. I need to do the ladder still and have to do something with the hatch on top as I feel the one they have is lacking. 

Some of the assembled crates and pallets.

Batman and Agent Ron taking cover in the warehouse yard.

Official shipping containers from Knight Models.

These popped together really easy and I may have to get another pack sometime down the road depending on how well they paint up. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Joker Crew WiPs

I haven't done much else on my Joker crew just a little work on the henchmen. I mentioned in the Red Hood post that I picking up some Army Painter paints and this was why.

I thinned down the jumpsuit orange and shot it through the airbrush. Orange has pretty shotty coverage and these will need to be hit at least once more to get adequate base coat coverage but it does look like it is the "right" color for prison jumpsuits. I will most likely be using this color a lot in my BMG painting as I intend to paint all of Joker's clowns pants this color and will probably use it on Zsasz and the lunatics as well.

I know this post wasn't all that exciting but trying to get back in the groove of posting so figured I'd throw this up here. I have begun working on some of my scatter terrain as well seeing as it feels like the game required a nice amount of terrain to keep gun at the appropriate power level and give the table a proper Gotham feel. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Red Hood Joker WiP

As I documented in my previous post my first Batman Miniatures Crew will be a "Joker" crew using the limited edition Red Hood miniature. This miniature came along with a pre-ordered copy of the (now sold out) alternative cover Joker rule book.

Primed with Vallejo Surface primer panzer grey. You can see the Secret weapon base from the town square set. This set has a nice full manhole cover which I will be using for sewer entrances in game. 

Blocked in some base colors. The cape is VMC cad red. The vest and gloves are P3 beaten purple, and the white shirt/wingtips on the shoes is P3 trollblood highlight. I obviously have a long way to go as I have done zero highlighting or shading at this point.

Here is the painted base. I did my standard stone triad. I used some secret weapon pigments for the rust on the manhole and dirt on the stones. 

I recently picked up some of the Army Painter Zombicide paints (mainly for the jumpsuit orange/jumpsuit wash) and decided to try out the filthy suit color on Joker's suit. I wasn't 100% sold when I began putting this color down but it has grown on me significantly and I think I am going to roll with it for not. If when all is said and done I decide I don't like it I can always just repaint it black without much issue. I would really like to pinstripe the suit but my freehand skill are lacking to say the least. 

As a Reminder the crew is:

  • Joker (Red Hood): 90 rep 
  • Clayface: 116 rep 
  • High security prisoner: 48 rep
  • Turk: 25 rep/$400
  • Prisoner (stick): 17 rep

Total: 296 rep/$400

I'm still learning the rules so I am not sure if I get to buy additional gear with the remaining $600 cause the blackgate prisoners aren't technically Joker henchmen. If they are I ill throw on some gear to spice these guys up a little.

Well that's all for now have a great week y'all and more updates later in the week.....hopefully.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Batman Begins

I begun working on my first crew for the Batman Miniatures Game. I decided to do a Joker crew using the exclusive Red Hood mini which was available from pre-ordering the Joker version of the rulebook. I have no idea if the crew I designed is any "good" but at this time I'm not too concerned about that just liked the feel of it. I have been tinkering around on just designing different crews with the minis I own.

Exclusive Red Hood (Joker) primed and ready for crime

The full crew: Joker, Clayface, and three Blackgate inmates

Above you can see the first 300pt crew I designed and intend to paint. I still have a very preliminary understanding of the rules but from what I read a "traditional" Joker crew is like the Cryx/Legion of BMG as they ignore rules and are dirty. I do love the look of the regular Joker henchmen but decided to avoid the "OP" version and just get into models I liked. I also figured by painting the Blackgate inmates early on I will be able to swap them in and out of a bunch of villain crews since they are one of the generic bad guy henchmen.....essentially kill two birds with one stone. 

My first finished mini for BMG is Clayface. He is on a 40mm Secret Weapons base. He painted up really quickly as I airbrused his base color of P3 bloodstone. Once the base coat was dry I just went back and forth with different GW washes and drybrushing bloodstone and other orange/browns until the mini felt done. I then picked out the details on the fact and gave the mini a coat of satin varnish so it looked a little more wet. There is the first member of my first crew done....time to keep on moving.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Been Too Long

Hey y'all! It has been too long since I have posted anything and need to get back in the swing of things. I recently stopped working the night shift at work and have been getting used to "human hours" once again. I have been relatively inactive in the gaming department since Templecon (haven't played a game since in fact) and the last mini I painted up was Horgle for the donate or paint challenge. It seem to be a trend that after Templecon I go into a Wamachine rut and look at other games.....this year has been no different just a little more pronounced. I have been playing different board games with my buddy Greg. I've also picked up Forbidden Island and played that with my boys as well as King of Tokyo. I have also gotten back into the x-wing miniatures game by Fantasy Flight after they released the Scum faction and I saw they announce one of my all time favorite ship will be released in the next wave. I'd say the two things pulling my attention away from Warmachine have been getting back into golf and new game..

While I still enjoy Warmachine/Hordes my gaming attention has been pulled by the Batman Miniature Game (BMG) by Knight Models. The recently released their rules in print version with exclusive miniature available with purchase. I'm a sucker for "exclusive" miniatures so jumped in with both feet. I've picked up a bunch of minis and some MDF terrain to start playing games in Gotham City. I have also picked up the Devil's Shadow for my Warmachine mercenaries and hope to get them going relatively soon.

So just a quick post to get back in the swing of things and hopefully painted Batman minis and more will be showing up more regularly here. Have a great weekend y'all.