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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Templecon Painting Log Update #8

Merry Christmas Eve y'all. I'm writing this blog post while I wait for the little guys to be fully asleep before Santa puts stuff under the tree. I had a fairly productive beginning to this week. It was fortunate I was able to get stuff done early as the rest of the week will be pretty much shot for hobby time what with Christmas and travel and what not.

After my last blog post it was only fitting I got this gentlemen done. All that's left to do is black out the rim of his base and put some grass tufts and static grass down. All the grass will be done on the army at once. 

I assembled a unit of hammer dwarfs, primed them, did my three color airbrush for grey armor, and started to sponge on the battle damage (after this photo was taken). These fine fellows will most likely be in my Ossrum list. 

Alexia1's risen. I decided I wanted no part of actually painting the risen and that there would be absolutely no time to paint them so ghostly was the only way to go. I did a multicolored airbrush and based them. All in all I am pleased with the quick and dirty results for all 20 risen and all that's left to do is black out their bases and obviously the grass like the good captain above. 

Lastly I primed the nomad from the last challenge update and did the first color of grey on the armor plates. I didn't have time to do the highlights when I did the hammer dwarfs which is why he is lagging behind them. 

Not photo'd: I basecoated the flesh on the old metal unit of drudges, started the grey sections of the earthbreakers arm plates, did a little skin work on Rhupert, and a few other minor things which aren't jumping to mind at the moment. OK my wife is telling me the boys are out color time to get to work. 
Merry Christmas all and hopefully Santa leaves you all that shinny new toy you've been looking for!

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