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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Templecon Painting Log Update #7

I keep trucking along taking baby steps to my fully painted merc goal. Once again I didn't accomplish nearly as much as I would like but I did travel out of town to play in a tourney with my mercs so I guess that's acceptable, right?

'Cause Im all about dat base, bout dat base

First off I have no idea why these photos keep turning but I dont have time right now to monkey around with blogger. These are the standard Dragonforge bases I have used in the past. I did my standard four color drybrush on the stone consisting of P3 thornwood greem, bastion grey, and trollblood highlight, menoth white highlight on the edges. The dirt was washed with secret weapon dark earth pigment, once dry washed with vallejo sepia ink and then drybrushed with old GW graveyard earth and bleached bone. I also washed a little dark earth pigment onto the stones to add a little character. The reason I did these bases was I anticipated some minis getting finished and needing them.....lets see if I accomplished that shall we

Kinda. Drake MacBain. Nearly 100% finished. I need to paint his eyes and the lenses on his goggles and I'm pretty sure that's that.

Durgen pretty much in a similar place as Drake just needing a little more attention. I need to highlight his purple loincloth, paint his eye, lense, handle of his hammer, and a few detail items.

Ossrum needs his face painted, lenses painted, and yellow metals painted.

I keep tweaking my lists and I wanted to get a vanguard into my Damiano list (with Gastone). I assembled this vanguard and got his feet situated on a resin base.

Did some metal work on Drakes Galleon.

Blocked in some test colors on Rockbottom. I think I like them but need to figure out my shading and highlighting for the color used on the jacket

While not pictured I also finished the yellow metals on Exulon Thexus, finished the leathers on Damiano (calling him done except for his base), painted and shaded the leathers boots on Hawk, and I did some work on the nomad which I may or may not be using in the Damiano list anymore. My dumbass may have added another mini to the log by looking at swapping in Rocinante instead of the nomad. Like I said my lists have been in constant flux as I can never seem to just settle into a list I have to keep tinkering and tinkering. Well I have to start getting ready for work

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