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Monday, February 2, 2015

Templecon......Nearly Here!

Hey y'all! Well it has been a little while since I have posted but I am still trying like hell to meet my challenge painting goal. The idea of having three fully painted lists and being able to play in IG is long gone but I am holding out hope that I can get the single list done.

I took some time examining my lists and have played around with an Ossrum list to try and make it "easier" to get painted in time. I have played this list in a test game and was happy enough with how it played to be willing to switch over to this for my challenge list (sorry Thexus but your time will come). Here is the list I am looking at currently and how far along each model is towards being painted:

* General Ossrum: 98% done just need some detail work but I can call him done
* Earthbreaker: ~80% done. I need to wash the yellow metals, highlight the purple sections, some detail work, finish the base, and do final assembly
* Gastone: 50% done.
* Galleon: 95% done. I need to pick out a couple details and then do final assembly
* Thor: 80% done. I need to clean up some sections I missed and do some detail work
* Dougal: 15% done
* A+H: 25% done. Basecoats are down on most sections
* Gobber Tinker: 20% done. I have completed the cart section but the gobber himself is only primed at this time
* Press Gangers: 30-40% done. I have been playing around with these guys trying out some new things so each mini is at a different stage. Some of the minis are close to done while others aren't fully basecoated.

If I had focused on this list a little earlier I think I wouldn't be under this kinda time crunch but what fun would that be ;) I have a unit of hammer dwarfs at like 80%, three units drudges at anywhere from 50-75% done, three drudges all at about 80%, and a couple other minis well under way but my split personality and delusions of grandeur had me all over the place. Sorry for the lack of updates and photos but the house computer was acting up and I have been spending the free time in the cave painting.

I doubt I will post again before I leave for Templecon on Wednesday but if you are going to be at Templecon feel free to search me out and see if I made it.....anyone in a Team Spite shirt can point me out.......and if you are there Wednesday night come have a birthday beverage with me....I'm sure I'll have a few.

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