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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Templecon Painting Log Update #4

Computer is buck up and running so I have some WiPs once again. I still haven't finished a minis but we are making progress so I'm hoping all of a sudden I will have a bunch done and start to feel like this is doable. I realize the Cephalyx are all I really "have to" finish but I'd really like to have three playable 50pt lists done. OK on to some photos. First up will be the 'casters I mentioned last week and where they currently stand (seeing as I didn't work on them this week)

First up is Drake MacBain. I tried out some battle damage on some of these new merc minis. Since I decided to basecoat all the armor via the airbrush I felt the paint chipping helped break it up a little and add a little more also seem to speed up the process a little which every little but helps. As you can see I may have been inspired a little by a wrestler from my youth :) "Whatcha gonna do Brotha when MacBain comes for you?"

Durgen! I did the same battle damage on Durgen as I did on Drake. All I really need to do on this little man is the yellow metals, the eye piece, finish his base and glue him down. 

Last of the casters I worked on was Damiano. Like little Durgen I was feeling the ginger facial hair on the good captain. Damiano is probably the closest to being finished as I need to tighten up his leather sections, highlight the purple and do his sword blade. 

Those where the photos I wanted to show to y'all last week but the computer issues prevented it from happening. Week #4 was a work week for me (never terribly productive) but I did get some work done and as Dory says "just keep swimming, just keep swimming"

To make my cephalyx list even harder to finish I've decided I want to drop one of the monstrosities in favor of a second unit of mind slaver and drudges. Here are the old school metal drudges cleaned and primed. As you can see I didn't assemble the metal cephalyx leader mini as I am trying to obtain a plastic one some how. So far I'm not having great luck getting my hands on one so I may have to use the metal leader.....anyone have a spare they'd like to trade for a metal one ;)

Next I assembled and started to paint a machine wraith. The machine wraith is one of the sweet Cryx minis that can be included in the cephalyx contract. He is a nice little one point filler that if an opponent is light on magic weapons can be great at contesting zones and flags. 

I have been tinkering with my lists and decided I'd like to try Alexia2 in one of them. I assembled and primed four more thrall warriors which gets my total up to 6......should be enough, no? 

I also started on Alexia's horse. I've used a couple different colors drybrushed for highlight and then washed the minis with two different washes. I need to go back and do some purple spot washes here and there and a few other colors to add interest but for such a quick and dirty start I'm pretty pleased. 

Last for today are a couple pirate solos and Mr Carvolo. I had a Rhupert started previously but the feet got snapped of by "It wasn't me". Funny how that guy is responsible for everything.

I love this model. The Doc is so full of character that I had to slap a little extra color on him one evening when I had a spare 15min. 

I didn't take any photos but I cleaned the last night risen needed to get me up to a full 20 for Alexia1. I think the only minis left to be assembled/cleaned are a unit of press gangers and the weapon attachments for the sea dogs. 

One month in the books boys and girls and zero finished mini. Tomorrow it Thanksgiving so Im not sure how much I'll get accomplished over the next few days but maybe I'll bring a couple minis and some paint and try and lay down some color during down times. Have a great thanksgiving all and safe travels wherever you may be heading. 


  1. I love the colours on the body of the Wraith, they look like something painted by H. R. Giger. Could you tell me how did you paint it and what colours did you use?

    1. Thanks for checking in. The body on the machine wraith was a real quick and dirty process aimed at creating a corroded/dirty metal. The base color was a 1:1 mix of Vallejo Model Air rust (the metallic version not the flat one) and VMA steel. This was apply via the airbrush to get a smooth quick coverage but could be just as easily done with a standard brush. The entirety if the metal was then lightly drybrushed with VMA steel just trying to hit the raised sections and allowing the base color with the rust in it to show in the recesses. I then did a very light wash with GW Agrax earthshade on the entire model but trying to focus on the recesses to strengthen the dirty feel and I called it a day from there. Hopefully that help