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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nomad Conversion

In my last Templecon painting log post I showed pictures of a nomad warjack I plan to include in my Captain Damiano list. This warjack had a small conversion so I figured I'd show what I did. I was never a huge fan of the original nomad's arm positioning and had plans to adjust but this just came together and I have to say I prefer this over my previous plans and it was simpler to achieve as well.

I had some spare Stormclad arms sitting around so I decided to see how they fit...the answer was pretty darn well. 

I used a saw to cut the sword blade and hilt off the nomads arms and cut the blade off the stormclad. I did my best to keep these cuts as clean and straight as possible so as to make attaching them to the new arms as easy and smooth as possible. 

I elected to for go adding the butt off the sword handle as I felt this looked good enough as is.

The legs applied to an ancient city ruins base from Dragonforge.

Here he is ready to fight alongside Damiano (more on the good captain later)

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