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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Templecon Painting Log Update #2

Week two in the books and still not a single model finished.....great start, eh? Once again despite not finishing any models I did get down to the cave for a couple quick painting sessions. The majority of the work came from one session and with the airbrush and some grey paints. Here are the fruits of those labors:

Durgen was painted with the grey triad I plan to carry over to many of my mercenary models with armor. The model was painted with the airbrush first covering the plates, then at a downward 45 degree angle, then from directly above. The colors were P3 greatcoat grey, VMA USA grey, and VGC stonewall grey. The color was then knocked down a little applying a very light coat of GW Badab black via the airbrush as well.

Whats a dwarf 'caster without the dwarf journeyman warcaster Thor ;) Same grey triad as Durgen.

MacBain! Same grey same application.

Tac to keep Thexus and Durgen (hopefully) safe. Yup same greys.

Started to block in the grey on the galleon. So far just P3 greatcoat grey but need to improve the coverage in a few places before I move on. 

A converted nomad. This model had been started previously with the grey triad but I started to black out some of the model in preparation for the application of metal paint. 

Lastly (but certainly not least) the two unit of drudges for my Cephalyx force had their skin blocked in with the airbrush. This was pretty sloppy but the other colors around the skin are dark and should go on very easy and cover the over spray with little to no issue. 

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