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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Two Day Tatzylwurm

Last week I spent two days to paint up my Skarath and here it is. As I mentioned previously I am registered and preparing to play in the 96 player Southern Ontario Open in late May. I picked up Dahlia and Skarath a few years back when one of our FLGS was having a big sale and I finally decided to get them table ready. The use of Dahlia and Skarath is 100% borrowed Flanzer tech but hey we all borrow idea in list building from time to time, no? Here are some shots of Skarath all ready to spray and consume the enemies of the kriels:

Skarath was assembled by Rob and here are the "naked" snake photos 

I have wanted to try out some pink colors for a while now and if I were ever to pick up and paint a Retribution army I am pretty sure it would be in a pink and grey scheme so that is where I went with Skarath. the fleshy inner section were painted with P3 carnal pink and murderous magenta via the airbrush. they are different mixes of the two and then it was washed with a thin glaze of murderous magenta to pull it all together. The carapace was painted with one of my favorite sets of colors the Reaper Master Series dusky skin triad. I use this triad on all my elemental trolls and if I were starting trolls now I might consider painting all of the skins this color. I am debating what to do with the eyes. I'm not sure if I should just leave them black or paint them a yellow or green to make the "pop" more. This was a pretty quick and dirty mini but I am fairly happy with the results.

I was able to get two practice games in with one of my three lists last Saturday as Scudo and Tim met me at the store to start our prep for the Southern Onatario Open. Scudo and Tim were both playing lists that were very light on units but I still put the lady and here snake on the table in a Grim2 list to try and get the feel for their movement, spacing, and fury utilization/management. I am not 100% sure she will stay in the list I am working on but there is a decent chance. I still need to practice a lot (with all of my lists) and get the feel for them in the right situations (against actual units). As of right now the only list I am nearly 100% sure will be traveling with me to Canada is Doomie1: Runes of War. I was originally planning on leaving runes at home and maybe coming up with an alt Doomie1 list but I decided I was not going to try and be a unique little snowflake and play a tried and true list that is really solid. I am leaning towards Grim2 and Grissel2 as my other two lists but who know I have been all over the damn place with list builds lately.

I'll leave you with some quick WiP shots of Dahlia. I've just blocked in pink skirt and the grey armor sections. The grey on her was painted P3 greatcoat grey and the pinks with the same colors as Skarath. The skirt will need a wash but should be ok after that. The rest of the mini obviously has a ways to go.

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