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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dark, Yet Sexy

I received this box two Wednesdays ago. I initially passed on the Kingdom Death: Monster kickstarter as the was ending right around Christmas and I didn't feel right dropping that much coin at that time. I was also concerned over the plastic sculpts and molds (still very worried about Relic Knights and this same thing).
As time progressed I regretted missing out on this kickstarter more and more but was able to get in as a super late backer on Black Friday last year. There was a recent kickstarter update in which the creator of Kingdom Death was selling some plastic version of their pin up models via the Kingdom Death webstore and at a reduced price. I wasn't drawn to Kingdom Death because of the sexy pin up minis but a few of these are just so cool I couldn't resist (since it was before the flood).  

Cards for in game play when the game releases

Twilight Knight my favorite of the group

Forsaker my second favorite

White Speaker

You can see the mold line on the leg

Rubbed off nearly perfectly clean just by using my fingernail.
I am not sure when I will get a chance to start working on the minis but they are very very nice and the plastic quality seems to be fantastic. If this is the quality we can expect I cannot wait to get my hand on the full game release which should be sometime I wish PP did plastics this well.

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