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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sturgis, The Corrupted

When I got my kickstarter minis two days ago I would have told you that you were crazy if you thought dead Sturgis would be the first mini I assembled......and I would have been wrong. As part of the Vengeance release we have been having 25pt tournaments every Friday night with coins available every night. While this is not the traditional way people do book releases it has kind of become a tradition in our meta and in the past has turned into some large events.
I played my trolls Thursday night at the other FLGS so I wasn't planning on attending the Friday night event but after receiving a few texts from Les and Adam I talk with the wife and decided I was in. I picked up my Khador coin the first week (have the Khador coin from every book release) so I needed to decide what I was going to play. I jokingly said dead Sturgis to Adam and he convinced me I should and that I could borrow some of his stuff. Here is what I came up with:
Sturgis The Corrupted (*6pts)
* Ripjaw (5pts)
Bane Riders (Leader and 4 Grunts) (11pts)
Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Bane Thrall Officer & Standard (3pts)
Pistol Wraith (3pts)
I am sure I could have come up with something better but I really wanted to try out Adams Bane Riders and giving them stealth is never a bad thing, right? Ok I decided I was going to play now lets get assembling:
Parts all laid out ready for cleaning/ assembly. The mold lines were not that bad but as you can see lots of tiny flash from vents (I assume)

The Corrupted all ready to roll. The left wrist connection point is very tiny so I highly recommend pinning this. I didn't pin due to time restraints and it has broken off at least twice already.
So you may be asking what do you mean time restraints? Why didn't you have time if you were just assembling the mini to play and that's it? Well...... I was texting with my Canadian buddy Mr. Bell AKA Northblade and he convinced me (didn't take too much) that I should try and get him fully painted before heading to the store. I had maybe two and a half hours before I had to leave for the FLGS but said what the hell lets give it a go. Due to the basement flood I have paints and supplies all over the hous right now so I had to scramble to find everything. It looked like I was going to be grounded before the flight even took off as I couldn't find any of my primer but I came across some grey Vallejo Surface right when I was about to throw in the towel. I'd say it took a good 30 min of my time away finding my supplies and get set back up.

Sturgis primed grey and standing next to a Dragonforge Designs Lost Hemisphere base (for motivation)

Corrupted metals basecoated. I did a mix of VMA gun metal and rust (metallic) to achieve this color. As this was drying I had to leave the house to go get my son off the school bus so that cut another 20min or so off my time.

Drybrushed the metal with VMA steel, then added some gold trim accents with VMC brass, then filled in some plates with the original corrupted metal base color.

Painted the pants with P3 Rucksack Tan and the boot covers with P3 Bootstrap Leather. As you can see the weapon hand snapped off (this was #2)

The last thing I was able to do before I packed up and headed out was basecoat the cloth in the mid-tone from the Reaper Master Series muted purple triad. I forget the name of the color at this time.
It was a decent effort and I am pretty happy with the progress after about an hour and a half of paint time. As you can clearly see there is a bunch left to do still but I should be able to bang him out pretty quickly once I sit back down with him. I think if I had an hour more before heading to the store he would have been "finished". I ended up going 2-1 at the event. The game I lost I tried to assassinate Butcher one. I tried to shoot him with the pistol wraith and missed. Tried to hit him with a boosted parasite (needing 8 on 3d6 since he wasn't iron fleshed) and missed. then charged him with 4 bane thrall grunts and two axe and missed all six attacks :o Well guess that wasn't meant to be. I know people don't think Cryx Sturgis is very good but I have to say I had a blast playing him. Playing Cryx again may have had something to do with it but I really like Sturgis and had a good time. I'd say the highlight of my night was in game one Les jammed mini-feated zealots into my army. I teleported Sturgis into the middle of them and feated killing ALL but one of the zealots! It was glorious. OK that's all I have for now hopefully I'll have a finished Sturgis for y'all to see soon.

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