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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Southern Ontario Open (Going, Not Going, Going, Not Going, Going...)

Early in the year a buddy, Tim, mentioned there was going to be a 64 player masters event and Warmachine Weekend qualifier (Southern Ontario Open) about 3 hour away over the Canadian boarder. I've never had a bad time playing Warmachine and hanging out when I have road tripped to Canada so I looked at the work schedule and saw I was working...bummer I'm not. Under normal circumstances I could put in for some time off and it wouldn't be too hard to get coverage but since work is rolling out a new computer system they have implemented a freeze on time off for the months of April and May. While I was disappointed I wasn't going to be ale to attend I kind of forgot about it and by the time I came up with a possible solution for work coverage I figured the event was full. I'm not going.

A few months back I was listening to my favorite Canadian Warmachine podcast (Lost Hemisphere Radio) and my man Northblade was talking with the organized of the Southern Ontario Open. During the 'cast they mention the field was now opened up to 96 players and was going to be run over two days. I figured now that I knew there were spots available I started working on my plan to get coverage. Looks like I'm going! I had everything all lined up with coverage when the basement flooded and I started hemorrhaging money to fix that situation (as I type thing I have people jackhammering the basement floor to truly waterproof the basement). So I decided I'd be better off not travelling and all that goes with it.....I'm not going :(

Last week after going over it in my head and discussing it with the wife I decided I was going to try and make arrangements once again. I contacted the guys at the SOO and found out there were four slots remaining. I quickly contacted my co-worker to see if we could still do a weekend for weekend swap and she was in. When I got home from work that night I registered and now I am officially going! (I hope).

In the process I picked up another Team Spite member who would like to invade Canada with Tim and myself. Canada beware I will once again be bring the angry hobbit himself Mr Scudo :D

I have month to finalize my lists and get some practice games in. I have been on War Room all the time over the last few days tweaking lists and trying to come up with new ones. I know one of the standard competitive trollblood lists is Doomshaper1 Runes of War but I'd like to try and avoid taking it and if at all possible try and take a non-theme Doomie1 list :o  As of writing this post I am think I am leaning towards Grissel2, Grim2, and Madrak1 but I have been soooo back and forth already who know what I will settle on. The key thing is I will be going! (knock on wood)


  1. Me too! Watch out Youngbloods! I'm comin for ya!

    1. LOL hopefully someone drops and you can join in on the masters fun :)