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Friday, February 28, 2014

Bump In the Road

Hello y'all. Early last week I was riding a wave working on a couple warbeasts, stripping some minis, and restarting Grim2. Here is a pretty decent representation of where I left off:

I had plans of finishing at least one of the minis if not two by the end of last weekend but as we all know sometime life has different plans. At the end of last week my wife's grandfather passed away. We spent the weekend and Monday am out of town with family and attending the wake and the funeral. Monday morning after the services we drove back home and I starter my work week (really hard going back after three weeks off). The combination of all the driving, the emotional drain of the services, and starting work I was pretty beat and not really all that motivated to paint.
I do not anticipate being able to be overly productive on the painting front until my work week ends I was able to grab a couple minutes this am to do a little work on the storm troll. This is what our electric buddy current looks like:

I roughed in the first layer of highlights on his skin. I know I have said it before but I really do not like PP plastic minis. I do like the sculpt in general but the plastic has so many imperfections and the mold lines are always sooooo bad that you always miss some or have to lose detail to get them off....enough of the rant. I also did my shading wash for the bootstrap leather sections. This is drying as I am typing. Once the wash dries and I have time to get back to him I will highlight the bootstrap sections (maybe before work tonight). Then I need to clean up the skin highlights and move on to highlights two and three. The metal sections still require their washes as well. Once those times are done it will be on to details and basing. I hope to have him done sooner rather than later so I can put a fully painted storm troll on the table next time I play (end of next week I hope). Well that's all I have for now. Have a great weekend y'all.

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