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Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Nemesis Returns.......KICKSTARTER!

Title says it all. Some may say I have a Kickstarter issue (Northblade) but I can stop anytime ;) Well maybe I have a small issue. I have stayed away from the kickstarter for a few months now but I received an email from Cool Mini or Not the other day saying they had a new projects. Seeing as I have backed a few different CMoN run kickstarters I decided to take a look......ut oh.

The project is Arcadia Quest and it feels like a chibi blend of Super Dungeon Explore and World of Warcraft in a PVP setting. I immediately was attracted to the aesthetics of the game and the concepts seems fun. The game is campaigned based and there is a leveling up component I find appealing. I have not backed the project (yet) but it does seem like another good game for my buddies who are a little too intimidated by Warmahordes

Hero art

Hero minis

villain art

Villain minis
If you'd like to see more check out the kickstarter here or their webpage here


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