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Friday, March 28, 2014

Real Life.....UGGGH!

Hey y'all how goes it? The hobby side of life has been pretty quiet of late due to some "real life issues" Last week I was rolling solo as my wife took the boys to Disney World with my in-laws. I was picking up a bunch of hours at my second job but intended to get some serious hobby work done as well. I did get to play a few games in a 25pt vengeance event at our FLGS (went 0-3 with Khador) but not much painting.

I made plans Saturday afternoon but was intending to do a bunch of painting Saturday and Sunday. I was out at DieselDM's house Saturday playing a new game and when I got home I headed into the basement to fire up the airbrush but was greeted by an inch of standing water coving the cave floor. I initially attempted to clear what I could but it quickly became apparent that I had no shot of cleaning this up. I headed to the computer to find any local flood clearing services. The only one I could get a hold of told me it would be at least 2 hours before they could get to me. Since I had no better option I said sure and headed back into the basement to do what I could. I received a phone call about 2 hours later informing me all the crews were still out working and they wouldn't get to me until 8am the next day.

The crew arrived at 8:30am the following morning and I got in touch with my insurance agency to discuss a claim. It was at this point I was informed by my insurance that my policy didn't cover sump pump failures and that clean up was going to be completely out of pocket. After working for about 6-7 hours the crew got the water our, carpet ripped out, and a few sections of wall cut out that were pretty damages. They set up the dehumidifiers and blowers and headed out. It was at this time I headed back down into what remained of my cave to start sorting through the carnage to see what was trash, what could be saved, and was still dry.

Over the next 72 hours the crew came back a few time to rotate the equipment and bring in a few more dehumidifiers and I filled garbage bag after garbage bag with things needing to be washed or thrown out. Since I was still by myself my mother drove out to help with the clean up process. This is when the next stroke of luck happened. While we were at the Laundromat using the large capacity washers/dryers someone stole my mothers iPhone. We tried tracking it via the find my iPhone app but the battery died before we could get a solid lock on the phone. It was about this time that I was talking with my wife and they were going to be late coming home because my mother in law broke her wrist while in Disney and my wife and boys both had stomach viruses and couldn't stop throwing up.

Tomorrow night will be the one week mark of the initial "stroke of luck" Everyone is home safe and sound and the clean up process is moving along but man "real life" can real life and throw you some curve balls sometimes......and I was never great at hitting the curve ;)

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