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Friday, February 21, 2014

Grim2 Redux

As part of my renewed painting interest I have decided to get back to The Hunters Grim and get them some serious (for me) table time. Sometime I have an easier time getting rolling on a mini starting from scratch versus picking up a previously started with that in mind Grim and some scouts had a date with the Purple Power. Mugg and Crump were spared as I am happy with their current state and should be able to pick up with out too much trouble.

Into the "Dip"

After their 24 hours soak and a quick scrub

Pretty clean. The mini had a few mold lines I missed previously so I was able to clean them up quickly before heading to primer

Blocked in some of the base colors with the airbrush then blacked out the stone and metal sections. The pants are P3 rucksack tan and the coat is P3 bootstrap leather. The plan for the pants is to do dark brown stripes with the rucksack. We will see how that goes.
I will be bouncing back and forth between Grim and the beasts I posted about previously. There are a lot of shared elements so I can hopefully assembly line some of those to enable me to get the three beast and The Hunters Grim done in fairly short order. I also need to finish up Grissel1 here soon.


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