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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Rivet Wars: First Impressions

Last week I had a chance to play my first games of Rivet Wars. I packed up the game and headed out in the frigid cold to my buddy Steve's house. Just in case we weren't "feeling it" I brought Zombicide as well. When I finally left at around midnight he had played six or seven games of Rivet Wars and never thought about breaking out the zombcide.We played through the first few mission in the book and swapped forces a few times. It feels like the forces are pretty well balanced but I do think the Blight character plug is better than the Alliance character. The game is a realy fun "beer and pretzel" game.

My only issue was not actually game play related but instead an issue with the board tiles. They was some mention that people were having warping issues and CMoN said they thought it was due to the extreme cold while shipping and that if you let them some to room temp before unwrapping there should be no issue. My box was in the house over a week and I still had an issue with some warping as you can see in thegame photos below.

All in all we had a really fun time playing this game and it will most certainly be one of the game we play on our game nights. I think the game will only be more enjoyable once we have a little more variety in our forces once the rest of my kickstarter arrives.

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