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Saturday, February 15, 2014


Title says it all. In a post prior to Templecon I was said I was trying to get the Rob Hawkins Borka conversion finished prior to leaving for Rhode Island. While I never got a chance to play him (see Templcon recap post) I am happy to say I was able to finish the big guy prior to making the trip. Here are the WiPs of the Kegslayer from the days leading up to Templecon:

Primed with black Vallejo Surface primer via the airbrush

Blocked in the base colors via the airbrush. Skin is my trollblood blue mix, fur is P3 trollblood highlight, leather is P3 bootstrap leather

I decided to try something new on Borka and paint the fur with a snow leopard pattern. I was a little worried going into this but followed the tutorial from a NQ GnG. When I went to bed after finishing the fur I wasn't too happy with it but upon second examination in the am I was very happy with the result and that I took the chance.

I also did the snow leopard pattern on the fur coming out of the gloves.

After cleaning up the base colors I washed the skin on Borka and pGrissel with my standard skin/metal wash

Different angle of above photo

Skin highlights. Also washed the leather sections and basecoated the metals.

Since I was working on my new Borka I took this time to touch up my old keg carrier. I reworked the keg and his skin.

Painted the tartan in Cygnar blues. I attempted to paint the tartan pattern from the trollblood forces book but didn't have time to get it right so just repainted it blue for now.

Detail work

Picked out the runes on the skirt with P3 hammerfall khaki

DONE! I have to say I am very happy with how he came out and in only 2 days. The matte varnish I used, after this photo, knocked down the highlights a little more than I would have liked so I may go back over him with satin varnish to see if I can bring some of the highlights back.

While she didn't get finished 100% pGrissel was very close and did get used three time at Templecon. I need to finish the red scarf and light brown tartan and she will be done too

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