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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

WWX Assembly Begins

I have not had a ton of time to work on my WWX minis but I did start playing around with assembly and getting the hang of working with resin.

The first thing I did was get to hacking my Union line troops (hired hands) off their sprue. If you are working on your minis I highly recommend looking at Outlaws main webpage and their instructions. The minis are fairly complex for basic troop minis and if you clip everything off at once you may have a heck of a time figuring which parts are for which mini.

I cut all 10 line troopers off their sprues (one at a time) and stored them by trooper. As you can see above each trooper has their own vial and I will be using these as handles when I get to painting.  

Sitting bull clipped and cleaned of mold lines

Assembled Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull and Geronimo ready to defend the Warrior Nation

All and all these minis were pretty easy to clean and assemble. The mold lines on Geronimo were worse than the lines on Sitting Bull but due to the soft nature of the resin they cleaned pretty well. I have a couple tiny gaps I may fill on Geronimo where his arms meet at the elbow but I may just let it slide. I am a little concerned about the seam where Sitting Bills leg sections went together and I may have to do something so they aren't too noticeable once he is painted. I need to clean these with some soap and water to get any mold release agent off then they will be ready for paint. I am not sure what colors I am using yet so we will have to make a decision here soon. Two posts in one day.....look out!

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  1. The vials is a great idea. I generally wind up putting mine in plastic baggies if I am doing something like that, though at the moment I am simply cutting and assembling one at a time while I wait for my rulebook to arrive.