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Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's Here! Wild West Exodus Unboxing

Ok so yesterday when I was giving the run down of my pending kickstarters I said I thought Rivet Wars might be there today and WWX by the end of the month. It turns out I had my arrivals wrong. Last night when I woke up to go to work I had a box waiting for me on the front step and it was from Outlaw Miniatures! It turns out Rivet Wars will be here Tuesday the 10th but that's for another post...

Enough of my blabber pics pics pics pics:

I started to open the box last night prior to work but ran out of time (damn work gets in the way of fun)

 While my 5 year old was at skating lessons today with the wife I set the 4 year old up with cartoons and got to the box for real :)  My painted test sprue enlightened hired hand looks on in excitement

Lawmen: Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Judge K Stern, UR-30, and wave 1 hired hands

Warrior Nation: Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Sky Spirit (he lives), Walks Looking, Braves with Apparition, Energy Beast (missing two) 

Geronimo! So awesome.
 Geronimo's legs for scale. He's a big boy
Warrior Nation wave 1 and 2 hired hands
Close up of two wave 2 hired hands

Outlaws: Jesse James (regular and alt), Billy the Kid, Frank James, Cole Younger, Apache Kid, and Jake "Smiley" Williamson

Outlaw wave 1 and 2 hired hands

Close up of wave 1 hired hands

Union: Lincoln, Grant, Pinkerton, Sheridan, Loveless, and Courtwright

Da Prez gonna get ya!

Union Wave 1 hired hands

Union Tank!

 Entightened: Dr Carpathian, Creation VII, Creation XIII, and wave1 hired hands

Up close of Creation VII he's pretty cool 

Heavy Weapon hired hands. One was missing :(
Firefly crew....I mean the Wayward 8 ;)

Dark Council member, Warrior Nation Totems, Marcus Cunningham (mystery backer mini), and ladies of the west 

 Odds and ends. I also had the three comics, rulebook, mini rulebook, and novel but didn't photograph them.
So there you have it my WWX haul. I was missing a couple things but I'm sure Outlaw will fix those issues. I have my bag coming in the second wave of shipping too. Ok I have to go to bed.



  1. Nog,
    Did your Geronimo end up having a huge gap between the upper arm and the base? Mine did, and I was wondering if it was a problem with the arm or the base

    1. Jonathon,

      I actually assembled Geronimo and Sitting Bull this am when I got home from work. I didn't have any major gap issues with either mini. Do you mean where the right forearm meet the right biceps at the elbow? I did have to do some trimming to get everything lined up but no major gaps just a little one. I'll put up a photo or two in the am when I get home.