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Friday, January 3, 2014

Looking Back/Looking Forward

Hello all the first of the year has come and gone so I suppose I should do the obligatory year in review. I'd first like to say thanks to those that stop by from time to time and see what I am blabbering about. I haven't done a good job blogging this year (really bad the last part of the year) and I appreciate those that stop by and occasionally leave a comment.

I would have to say 2013 was the year of the kickstarter addiction and one of procrastination. I have continued to work on my beloved troll throughout the year and have picked up a few other projects but never really made much head way with anything. I think some of this was due to the "oh new shiny" syndrome of kickstarters and the other (probably largest contributor) was my lack of actual game play. I feel like I got more game in the first half of the year and this lead to me being more productive and to a larger number of posts. I'd say the highlights of the hobby year would be Templecon and the two painting class I tool in Toronto......what’s that? Oh right I never wrote about it :/ I plan to do my write up soon....I promise.

2014 will be the year of the fulfilled kickstarter and the continued growth of the Kriels. Most of the kickstarters I was expecting to receive in late 2013 have been pushed to early 2014 so here is the list:

-Rivet Wars (maybe tomorrow!)
-Wild West Exodus (by the end of the month?)
-Mega Mat (early Q2 2014)
-Kingdom Death (missed the KS but got in due to a last min deal should be late Q2 2014)
-Wrath of Kings (middle/late 2014?)
-Warmachine Tactics (late 2014?)
-Relic Knights (?)

I have Templecon 2014 looming around the corner and I am really looking forward to catching up with friends from out of town. I don't intended to play a ton of tournaments but will play in one or two. While I am not planning on going crazy with tournament games it doesn't mean I don't have a painting goal and I will post on this early next week. I am hoping to play some demos for my upcoming KS releases and maybe pick up some items I didn't add to my pledges.

Ok so there is the mandatory wrap up :) Hope y'all had a great year and hopefully you will be hearing from me far more regularly this year. If you're going to be at Templecon hit me up and maybe we can grab a game in the Iron Arena or a cocktail in the bar :)


  1. Hoping your stuff arrives soon. My WWX took forever to get here (curse you UPS!). My Rivet Wars is on the way as well, but it appears to be stuck somewhere in Ohio, as of several days ago. But that looks like a lot of gaming goodness you have coming this year.

    1. No word on my WWX but after sitting in MD for two days my Rivet Wars got updated and should be here Tuesday. Yeah went a little overboard with KS and games but what the heck right ;)