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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Gang is All Here

I know I did a poll on which army I should paint first but seeing as I was missing some of my energy beasts I skipped the Warrior Nation for now (they are next) and instead decided to start working on an outlaw posse. I felt outlaw was the way to go thematically since Mickey is doing lawmen. Nick is doing enlightened but anyone can shoot those dead freaks not reason needed ;)

So with theme in mind and my love for the characters in the WWX world I went about creating a $750 outlaw posse and this is what I came up with:

  • Jesse James $200
  • Frank James $135
  • Apache Kid $100
  • Jake 'Smiley' Williamson $75
  • Cole Younger $75
  • Sniper Rifle $45
  • Shotgun $45
  • Hired Hands wave1 x3 $30ea.
Total: $750
Influence: 9

The big boss man under assembly
 Cole Younger. I love this mini I just wish he didn't lose the bowler hat from the concept art.  

Light support in the form of a shotgun and sniper

An earlier version of the list used the Wrath and wave two HH these guys aren't in the first list.
Maybe he stole Cole's hat?

The characters of the list
Gotta love the airbrush for priming when its 0 degrees F out
Some leather basecoats sprayed
   Cole's coat
I found some of these barrels in the basement bits box. I figured they would make a nice obstacle.
While I was part way through the above steps a box showed up from Outlaw Minis. Here are the contents of the box.


I wish there was a foam topper. Maybe they will over one through Battlefoam at some point.

Pluck foam layer

Missing KS items!

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