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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

When it Rains it Pours

After waiting so long for Kickstarters to arrive I have now received two boxes in the last 7 days :) I received my Rivet Wars kickstarter shipment about an hour ago. Lets do a little unbox shall we.... I love new toys :)

Brand new game smell :)

Packaged nearly identically to Zombicide

The green cards are the starts for all the minis the other cards say what they are ;) The dice are just regular old brown dice. I will be receiving faction dice later down the road when the fulfill the rest of the pledge items.

Small box contained the tanks and their hatch plug. Another try will be arriving at a later date.

Allied forces. This tray also contains the wound markers and a few other tokens. Will be getting another tray like this (minus the characters) when they fulfill that part of the pledge.

Blighten Empire. I think these are going to be my guys. Same as Allies another tray or grunts coming.

Dashboard sheets with the stats of all models in the base set. I think these will be very handy up front but once more of the Kickstarter items arrive the will lose some of their utility.

Punch cards for bunkers, objectives, and terrain items. As part of my pledge I will be getting plastic 3D versions of all of these but they decided they are going to ship them at a later time with other pledge items.

Lastly we have the boards. While I wanted to unwrap them I held off due to an email I received earlier today. I guess some people have been having some issues with warping and the guys at CMoN said they feel it may be due to some of the extreme weather going around at the moment....seriously its like Hoth cold here I'm pretty sure if it gets colder we are going to have to go to Tauntauns for transportation. The box and the contents were icy cold when I opened it so I am going to allow it come to room temp before I unwrap the boards and hope that will avoid any issues.
There you have it my shiny new copy of Rivet Wars! I hope to get a couple games here soon and I'll try and take a few photos and do a little write up on our first few games. Have a good one and try and stay warm y'all.

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