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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Please Help: Input Needed

One of my Kickstarter purchases should be shipping in about a month or so and I am looking to get some feedback from y'all. The Kickstrater I am referring to is Wild West Exodus which takes place in an alternate wild west which has sci-fi, fantasy, and steampunk elements. I have been really excited about this project since I first saw it and have a couple local buddies coming along on the journey with me. While I am really excited to get these minis and begin painting I am having one heck of a time deciding where to start. Currently in the game there are 5 factions available: The Union, Outlaws, Warrior Nation, Enlightened, and the Lawmen. I will be receiving elements from all 5 of these factions as part of my Kickstarter pledge. Here are photos of the bosses I am considering building around. I did not include Wyatt Earp of the lawmen as Mickey aka DieselDM is most likely going to start with the lawmen and I didn't pick either boss for the enlightened as Nick only pledged enlightened and will be playing them. Here are my choices
Abe Lincoln of The Union army. He comes available with two sets of arms for different poses but this is the one I will be using hands down. Grant is the other option for Union at this time but Lincoln is just too cool to pass up and will be painted/played before Grant. I am not sure of the direction a Lincoln posse would take at this time.

Here are my current options for outlaw bosses. At the top you have Billy the Kid. He come accompanied by two hired hand bodyguards. If I build a Billy the kid force I think it will be some characters and more basic grunts. Next we have Jesse James. Mr James comes in two sculpts as seen above. The original at the ready pose and the alternate shooting pose. If I do a Jesse James posse it will contain mostly characters I think consisting of his brother Frank and Cole Younger.
Last but not least we have the Warrior Nation being led by Sitting Bull (wolf) and Geronimo (bear). I am not really sure which direction this posse would take but love both minis.  
Ok so there are my choices and I am looking for y'alls help in making a decision(s). I will most likely work on two posses at the same time as I am entertaining the thought of being a deputy (think press ganger) and will need two painted posses for demos. I will be posting a poll for voting (once I figure out how) and will see where we stand in a months time (hopefully when my "little men" arrive.  
If you would like to see more of the minis available in the range at launch take a look at and you can see most of the minis in their rendered state and some in their fully painted state.  


  1. I have to choose between Union, Lawmen and Outlaws myself when mine come, and I think I am going Union purely because of Lincoln. Honest Abe with a shotgun/axe is too cool not to play and paint.

  2. Yeah that model is really sweet. Tough call

  3. Warrior nation looks too cool to pass up....