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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The First of Many

Over the next 2-6 week the Cave is expecting multiple packages as many of my Kickstarters are going to start shipping. The include (in expected order) Zombicide season 2, Wild West Exodus, Rivet Wars, and Relic Knights. I cannot decide which I am looking forward to the most but right now I think I am leaning toward WWX seeing as I am thinking about building my own table (more on this later).

While not from a Kickstarter I did received two packages the other while I was napping. Let look at the goodies shall we?

My first box was from Privateer Press and here are the contents:

I haven't unwrapped this beauty yet but as you can tell it is the Butcher3 limited edition box set. I have loved since I picked up black and white copy of Prime a decade ago (good God where does time go). When I saw the new Butcher I had to have him and since I am a sucker for all think "limited edition" or "exclusive" I had to have it.

The rest of the box was a classic mauler, the new Gencon Booze mini (to go with the Kiltlifter and last years minis), and a the web excluse pHaley (more on her at a later date)

My second box was from good Mr Larsen at my favorite online retailer. This was part of a pre-order I place about a month back.

Here is a second fell caller, a second thumper crew (for Gunnbjorns theme), and an exemplar errant UA
Next up a pretty Menoth battle engine

Last but not least the pre-ordered item: Warmachine: High Command. The only thing that would have been better is Hordes: High Command :) I have been really excited about this game and cannot wait to take it for a test spin. I am trying to line up a game night next week with some buddies to kick the tires and see how she plays. OK that's all for now time to hit the sack. The next few weeks should be really geektastic with all my new toys coming. Updates as they arrive.

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