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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Issues with WWX Poll/Backer Created Minis

Ok well I am having issues getting the poll set up for my WWX posse. I have six choices listed in the last post but for some reason the poll gadget on blogger will only allow me to poll four questions. When I hit the add question option it just does nothing so I guess I have to cut two from the rotation right from go. I will consolidated the Jesse James into one choice and as much as it pains me drop Geronimo. Please vote which you'd like to see painted first and help me make up my mind.

The other day Outlaw posted the second of their three backer created minis. During the Kickstarter campaign Outlaw had one back decide they wanted to create a mini for the line and would buy one for all backers over a certain level. This was really amazing and the concept art for that mini was really cool. Later on Outlaw announce there would be two other backer created minis for purchase. The sculpts for the later two have now been released and Killingsworth is suppose to be revealed at Duelcon in a few weeks.

While both of these minis are cool I have to say I love the way The Wraith turned out. He is very Frank Castle like and I love the pose. OK enough for now gotta try and grab a nap before work. One again please vote and help me make up my mind.

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