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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Law Comes to Town/Table Progress

Yesterday while I was napping I received a box from Outlaw miniature. These minis are minis that have been pre-release before the KS ships. I ordered two sets of Sheriff Ironclad and Marshall McClain one for me and one for DieselDM. These minis are both underbosses for the lawmen faction (Diesel's intended primary faction). A FYI for those that have not been following WWX the mini Mic Ironclad was a model Outlaw made to honor the support of one of the KS backers. He was really active during the KS campaign and they surprised him and the community with this mini. Marshall McClain was a special early release for Gencon.

Ok on to the 2x2 demo table. The other day I showed y'all my first section of mesa rocks. I was pretty happy with it so I decided to test out the paint I had made at Home Depot. After gluing some sand and rock to the mesa it was time to paint.

  I primed it via the airbrush with Vallejo surface primer

After the primer dried I slapped on some of the Home Depot bloodstone clone. Obviously there were some missed sections at that time but they have been filled in since. This was really just a test to see how the color "felt". I'm happy with the base color next step will be drybrushing.
Last evening prior to work I jumped in the car and headed over to meet Diesel to give him his new minis and to grab a piece of 2" foam he had sitting around to try and do some tall thin columns for stone. I had already started a new section of mesa rock and was eyeballing the perfect spot for it. I took a couple minutes to rough up the column prior to work and took a quick photo.
Here is the new column. while I am happy with the mesa texture on it by and large I am not happy with the size/shape for what I was going for. I have since snapped it in ~half and reshaped the top but I am still not in love with it on this piece so will most likely become a stand alone rock. As you can see I have glued down some sand and rocks in preparation for primer. I may make a second attempt at a smaller column for I may just sand over that entire section.
I took a second to throw what I currently have onto one of the "2x2" boards to get an idea of the landscape. I say 2x2 cause upon further measurement none of the six is actually 2x2. The label at Home Depot said they were 4x2 so I had the gentleman cut them in half and figured we were good to go. It turns out the original pieces were not exactly 4x2 so all the squares were a touch bigger. I gave two of the squares to Diesel and he was going to trim them up for me. As you can see I have two section mostly "mesa'd up"and another stack awaiting the mesa treatment. After that it may be time to hit up the big rock facing to the cave section. I think the table will have enough cover after that but will not know for sure until I try out some games in a month or so. Please remember to vote on the poll at the top right. Thanks


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