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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mesa Sytled Rocks First Attempt (kinda)

Last night (this morning actually) I decided to take my first stab at the mesa styled rocks for my demo WWX board. I was doing some laundry and catching up on Dexter when I got a little impatient and said those rocks should be dry enough where's my knife? My first attempt was an epic fail and got thrown out immediately the second attempt was better.

 Here is my "first" attempt
 The "good" side
 The "not as good" side
The little rock section above was all I did last evening. I was feeling pretty OK with the results and decided to play around with a little more today. The plan was to have the section above go on top of a larger flat piece to have a two stepped mesa. After the boy had their first skate lesson I headed to the basement and started carving up the bottom section:

Once again had some "good" sections and some "not so good" section but I am OK with the result to try and press on. These are in fact learning pieces so once/if I really get this down this item can go to the FLGS terrain bin or just get relegated to the sidelines.

 Stacked up in their "final" configuration

An enlightened hire hand stops by to check out the progress.
I need to glue these section together and lay down some sand and stones to get a final idea on this mesa. As I said this is just a learning process but all in all I'd say an OK first go at terrain. I really want to make sure I feel comfortable with the process and my ability to replicate my results before I start hacking away at the rock facing for the cave wall.  

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