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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where Did May Go?

Hey there all. Well like the title says I have no idea where this month has gone. I really have had minimal time to work on any of my hobby projects. Here is were I stand on my current projects:

I have been doing a little bit of work on the blister which as been sitting in the basement for a few months. I also got around to cleaning a min unit of bone grinders. They were then primed and basecoated via the airbrush. I then painted the base colors on the fur and loincloths. I also filled the gaps on the witch doctor I assembled months ago. He also got primed and had some base colors applied. I am trying to decide what color the cloth on the witch doctor will be. I am leaning toward either purple or red. I did a little (emphasis on little) on Grim himself. This was mostly basecoating some of the metal sections. I am not sure when I will have painting time again but I am looking to get another few games in with THG later this week. So far my record is less than stellar but I am hoping that by dropping the MK from the list it will improve things for me.

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