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Friday, May 3, 2013

Hunters Grim: Painting Begins

I started work on Grim and the boys Tuesday evening. The first hurdle to get over is always cleaning and assembly (my least favorite). I powered through this grind and finished this Thursday am while the boys were at preschool. All in all the minis were cast pretty well. There were some legit mold lines on Krump. There was also some flash and mold lines on Grim. Muggs was the cleanest of the unit right out of the blister.

I have decided to leave the knick knacks off for the time being and I have also elected to leave Grim's head and arms off for the initial painting. 

I picked up a new larger needle set up for my Iwata airbrush to use primarily for priming and basecoating. I primed the unit with Vallejo Surface Primer black.

Next I basecoated the trench coats on Grim and Muggs with my new airbrush. I only used the new one to get a feel for the trigger and such otherwise I would have used the Iwata I think. I used P3 bootstrap leather for this. I didn't paint Krump's coat at this time as I wanted to try and have his coat be like a black leather.

Here is Krump after his coat was worked on. I got in a bit of a groove and forgot to take photos of each step. I painted a layer of VMA black to have a nice smooth basecoat. The next step was highlight with VMA German grey followed by VMA medium sea grey. I then did some line highlights with the VMA med sea grey to pop a few edges and then I washed the entire coat with an old ink wash I made from a brushthralls tutorial. I probably could have just used GW Badab black wash but went with the old ink wash instead. I have to say I am pretty happy with the coat right now.
Next I basecoated Grim's skin with P3 trollblood highlight. I have a few new things I want to try out for my albino skin but I am keeping trollblood highlight as the base color. Hopefully the new changes will work out well.


I did a little clean up work on all three members of the unit. I cleaned up the over spray on Grim and Muggs' coats, basecoated Krumps backpack and trap with P3 bloodtracker brown, and laid down a layer of black on the metal sections.

This is where my progress has halted for the time being. I am heading to the FLGS later today to try out the Hunters Grim for the first time and I don't want any wet paint. Next up will be to basecoat the skin on Muggs and Krump as well as lay down my shading wash on all the bootstrap and bloodtracker sections. I hope to get some quality paint time this weekend so if all goes really well I may be able to the pugs done by Sunday night. I am going to take my time with Grim himself as I really want to see if I can nail that albino skin tone.

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