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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Templecon: First Steps

A Few months back I got a text message from Oxyguy that he reserved two room for Templecon and I was in for one of them. At that time I put in for my time off from work so I have had all that taken care of for some time. It was time to register for the con and to get signed up for some of the events. Last year I bought my tag the night before the conventions started from a guy in the lobby who had a spare from a buddy who couldn't make the trip. I also had to wait in line to play in any event hoping for drops. While I had a blast last year I want to square away more of the details this year so after getting home from work yesterday morning I got on the computer and pre-registered. The website is infuriatingly slow but after ~45min I finally had my registration taken care of and it was time to look at events.

I took a break from trying to register due to the sheer frustration of con registration. It took almost another 2 hours but by the time I closed my eyes for my nap I was registered for two events and wait listed on two more.

At the current time I am paying in:
*Warcaster's Dilemma 11pm-7am Friday night
*Hardcore 10am-7pm Saturday

Wait listed for:
*Time Crisis Friday afternoon
*Blood, Sweat, Tiers Sunday afternoon

I think I am going to skip the team event this year as I reluctantly played in it last year and it was REALLY long. I have already started playing with list ideas for some of the tourneys. In the coming weeks I will set up some checklist and to do list as I would like to make an attempt to play fully painted in every event. At the very least I would like to try and play basic painting requirement. I know she is on the squishy side but I think I want to get Calandra back on the table more in the coming months and try and play atleast one list with her at Templecon. The other 'locks I have on the "looking to play" list are Borka, Jarl, Grim, Gunny (maybe just iron area), and eBloodsong. I played a crap ton of pMaddy at Templcon last year and even though I had pretty good success with him I think he might be on light duty for this years convention. Well time for bed.....much more Templecon talk in the next few months.


  1. Sweet dude, maybe we'll end up playing each other in the Hardcore!

    1. I'll be there. It all comes down to the pairings. If not there is always Iron Arena if you wanna game :)