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Friday, November 9, 2012

One Year Old! Random WiPs

I cannot believe it has been a year since I started this blog. It has been a good gaming year despite never getting to play as much as I would like. Some of the highlights of the year include going to my first Templecon and getting to meet and BS with Gdaybloke for the first time, road tripping to Canada with Zack and Scudo to meet "Northblade" Bell and Boots and bring some Spite to Conquest Toronto, and the obvious sitting around after a game night eating pizza and arguing with each other over the topic of the night. The lowlights of the year would have to be loosing two more of my gaming buddies (Zack and Mr Cash) to out of state jobs after we lost two the previous year.

The goal of this blog was to keep me painting and while I have had my lulls I do feel it is helping me get minis finished. In the year I have painted and babbled about many things. The blog has over 13K views so I would like to say a heart felt thanks to all of you that check in regularly and to those of you that follow the blog. I'd like to give a couple shout out in honor of hitting the one year mark. The first shout out is to Nuclear who was the first person to officially follow the blog so thanks.....if you still check in that is ;-) Next up I'd like to give Oxyguy for leaving the most comments. Thanks to Oxyguy, DieselDM, PG_Eviscerae, PG_Z1G1, and Scudo for joining in on the blog and taking part in the Cave Challenge. Lastly shout out to Russia for being the country that checks in with the Cave more than any other (narrowly beating out the UK and Canada).

So I haven't made too much progress on anything lately but I do have some WiPs to show so that this isn't back to back blog entries with just words. Here are the projects I plan to focus on in the near future and hope to have finished before the end of the year.

Current status of the War Wagon 

Current picture of Horthol. He is close to getting his shade wash then it will be a matter of highlighting and all that jazz. Once he is finished I will want to get his long rider brethren finished as well. 

Second unit of Runeshapers. I will get the third unit assembled at some point and then buy a forth as pDoomies tier will get played at some point. 

I have a Jarl list in my head I am really looking forward to getting on the table and Nyss hunters are a very big party of it. I have had the Nyss for sometime now but decided it was time to get some paint on these bad boys. I broke out the airbrush and basecoated the main body sections with RMS muted purple triad (I forget the actual name of the color). I intend to put two additional layers of RMS purples prior to washing the cloth with GW liche purple.

While I haven't seen the official statline I hear Rask has been spoiled and is pretty darn sexy. Looks like I will be working on some gators at the end of the year/early next year. Here are a few of the gators I have in partially painted states and will be trying to finish up.

I also have some other projects I am going to start in the near future but will keep those quite until they are finished up. Thanks again for a great year and following along on my journey.

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