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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Joker Crew WiPs

I haven't done much else on my Joker crew just a little work on the henchmen. I mentioned in the Red Hood post that I picking up some Army Painter paints and this was why.

I thinned down the jumpsuit orange and shot it through the airbrush. Orange has pretty shotty coverage and these will need to be hit at least once more to get adequate base coat coverage but it does look like it is the "right" color for prison jumpsuits. I will most likely be using this color a lot in my BMG painting as I intend to paint all of Joker's clowns pants this color and will probably use it on Zsasz and the lunatics as well.

I know this post wasn't all that exciting but trying to get back in the groove of posting so figured I'd throw this up here. I have begun working on some of my scatter terrain as well seeing as it feels like the game required a nice amount of terrain to keep gun at the appropriate power level and give the table a proper Gotham feel. 

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