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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Brainstorming Batman Crews (Batman)

I still have no real idea how to play BMG but that will never keep me from one of my favorite past times.....list building. All minis in the following lists will be minis I own in some state of assembly. I'm currently working on my Red Hood (Joker) crew so I figured I should start to plan some crews for them to fight against. I could surely have them fight against Bane or some other "bad guy" crew but where's the fun in that? Time to throw up the bat signal and bring in the "good guys"

The first batman crew with two models not pictured. Lets break it down:

  • James Gordon: 70 rep/$200
  • Batgirl: 59 rep
  • Alfred Pennyworth: 30 rep
  • Alpha: 38 rep/$500
  • Beta: 27 rep/$300
  • Delta: 33 rep/$300
  • Agent O'Connell: 29 rep
  • Gotham Policeman (tonfa): 14 rep

Total: 300 rep/$1300

Hey Nog I thought you said you were talking Batman crews.....where's Batman? I know but this list is built under the Batman heading to allow me access to Alfred (the limited edition for pre-ordering the regular rule book). Alfred is so important because he allows me an extra $300 in funding and thus allows me to take Gordon's entire swat team. I filled in the last points with additional members of the GCPD. I think I have a lot of my bases covered with this list but I could be wrong.....if you know the game better feel free to comment :) I find when I am building BMG list I like themes and this is the Gordons (Jim and Barbara) with the GCPD.

Since these are Batman lists I threw some of those together too.

Orgins Batman list

Arkham Batman list

I have some other versions of these lists using a special card I received from Knight Models when they sent me some missing parts but more on that another time. Lastly I will leave you with a WiP to show I'm have put down some paint since the orange on Blackgate inmates. 

Started painting up the shipping container. I'm pretty happy with this so far with very little work. I need to finish up the writing on both sides of the container and a few other details but that shouldn't take too much time just gotta sit down and do it. Time for bed see you soon....hopefully. 

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