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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Gotham Scatter Terrain

Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th. After I decided I was jumping in on the Batman Miniatures Game (BMG) I spent a lot of time thinking about terrain. I have played with the idea of scratch building terrain and have looked at multiple vendors that sell laser cut MDF buildings. I even back a kickstarter to help make my Gotham a reality.

This is just one of the building I will be getting from the kickstarter but I will do an entirely separate post on those when they arrive in the not to distant future.....I hope. Ok well onto the main portion of this post scatter terrain. The majority of this terrain was purchased from a company in Australia I came across years ago and just happenend to remember when I needed. As you can see most of this terrain was picked up to compliment the warehouse I will be getting from that Impudent Mortal kickstarter.

Nothing says Gotham like water towers for rooftops. I probably should have picked up a second one.

What self respecting warehouse doesn't have forklifts and crates?

Pretty self explanatory ;)

Some random grates to spice up some buildings and security camera for the warehouse. 

Picked this up main for the stripper pole sign.....Gotham needs a strip club for Maroni's crew and the GCPD boys to hang out!

Mostly assembled water tower. I need to do the ladder still and have to do something with the hatch on top as I feel the one they have is lacking. 

Some of the assembled crates and pallets.

Batman and Agent Ron taking cover in the warehouse yard.

Official shipping containers from Knight Models.

These popped together really easy and I may have to get another pack sometime down the road depending on how well they paint up. 

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