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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cephalyx Skin Test

After putting my painting log to paper I decided it is time to start testing out some paint for my Cephalyx army. I took the bloat thrall as the test piece for my Cephalyx skintone. The bloat thrall is one of my favorite models in the PP range. I'm not exactly sure why I like this mini so much but I have always loved it. I have one bloat thrall for my cephalyx army and, while I am not sure how much actual table time he will actually see, he seemed like the ideal test subject. I was able to sneak a peek at the digital Cephalyx book and borrow some of PPs recipes and I plan to adapt some of them to my style/needs.

I basecoated the skin via the airbrush with a 1:1 mixture of P3 Ryn flesh:P3 Cryx Bane Highlight. I then washed the flesh with a wash made of P3 Sanguine highlight and P3 Traitor green. I think this was roughly 1:2. I then added a few drops of P3 Thornwood green and washed this in some of the deeper folds. My initial plan was to highlight via the airbrush with the original base color but I'm fairly please with my results up to this point so I've decided to proceed with the mini and I can always come back later if needed. In the top picture you can see that I've started to black out the sections that are going to be metal and just haven't gotten to the back and legs yet. I will be adding some blue and purple washes around the metal plugs to simulate bruising to add some more visual interest but I will have to finish the metals before this step. If all goes well the rest of the way with his skin I should be able to proceed with the monstrosities.

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