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Monday, May 5, 2014

Kickstarter Delivery: Mega Mat

I received a kickstarter shipment today and wanted to share it with y'all. Back in December I stumbled across a kickstarter by Frontline Gaming and Tablewars for a product they were calling the Mega Mat. Their concept was to have high resolutions video game quality backgrounds digitally printed onto mouse pad type surfaces in 6x4 and 4x4 sizes for high quality easy to transport/set up gaming tables. I watched the kickstarter for a few days and waited to see which designs were unlocked and finally decided to jump in when the space layout was unlocked. I picked up two mats one for Warmahordes and one for X-wing. On to the pictures y'all:

Box was checked with only one mat and the wrong one but Mickey warned me his was like this so I wasn't concerned. My guess is the outer boxes were re-purposed from the China shipment.  

Inner boxes were fully tapped without a single section of exposed cardboard. Grassy plains and Space just what I was looking for.

Inside each small box was a draw string sleeve which was made of a nice heavy material. these feel like they will hold up very nicely to transportation and storage. My only wish was that it had a should strap for carrying back and forth. 

Thinner than I expected but very strong and durable feeling. Smells pretty strong of mouse pad for the time being but I'm sure that will fad. 

Grassy plain partially unrolled to get a quick glimpse. Even right out of the box it laid flat right from go. I was very pleased with the quality and this will be great for my trolls to kick some butt.

Borka says he'll be the judge of that. So Borka what do you think?...."OK fine you were right this will be perfect now get me a beer"

Next up I partially unrolled the space mat. Could this be a galaxy far far away?

Han decides he want to take a peek.

Time to make the jump to hyperspace...."punch it Chewie!"

I am very happy with the quality of these mats and that I decided to back this project in the last few hours. My plan going forward is to have a table frame made for these so that I can just unroll the desired mat into the frame and throw it up on the card table whenever I'm looking for a game. I will need to bang out/pick up some terrain for the Warmachine/Hordes table but that won't be too tough. The x-wing table is pretty much good to go but may try my hand as some 3D asteroids or maybe a moon to give it a little more flare. 


  1. How do the star wars models do on the mat? One of the things I was worried about for the xwing models was the smoothness of the mat. I use a textured mat with mine, so they don't bump and slide (side positioning is such critical importance in that game). Do the models hold in place pretty well?

    1. Sorry I haven't replied sooner I have been really buys with work and things around the house. I'll roll out one of the mats later today to tomorrow am when I get out of work to test it for you. I'm pretty sure there is just s little "tooth" to the surface so they should hold their positions pretty well but I will check to make 100% sure.